All about Me


I am Jackie Webster. I am a photographer specialising in photographing newborn babies. Sessions are  normally held in my home studio in Weston-Super-Mare on a Friday or  Sunday.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of children and babies. I have had extensive photographic training as well as specialised  training in how to handle these tiny bundles in the safest possible way. I am expert in the latest photographic editing software.

My years of experience in all these aspects and love of the subject ensure I get the very best out of any session.

I have been married for over 20 years and  have two beautiful  teenage daughters.

I absolutely adore newborn photography.  I know I am privileged to record those special moments when a little baby enters the couple’s life.

I love seeing the interaction within a new little family.   My heart just melts as I remember I had those very same feelings when my girls were born.  The new families have these memories and beautiful photographs to keep and cherish for generations to come.

Thanks again for stopping by.