Booking A Newborn Session The ideal time for newborn portraits is between 6 to 10 days old. These early days are such a fleeting moment in your baby’s life.  My aim is to capture this for you. In the first few weeks things can get so busy that you feel you barely have a chance to notice each tiny feature. I want you to be able to look back at the images I have taken as a reminder of how amazing your child was in these early days. For the first 7 days newborns are sleepy and easy to curl up. They don’t mind being moved  around or having no nappy or clothes on. This is why I can get these amazing photographs. After 14 days babies are much more awake and less easy to settle. Please be sure to contact me as early as possible in your pregnancy so I can set aside some dates . I normally pencil in two dates if available  in case you go overdue.